Welcome to Driven

Driven is your place for fitness in the Midland/Penetang area!

We are a 5000 sq ft facility that promotes a well rounded individual and creates this opportunity by having qualified, experienced staff and a facility with all the essential training tools. We have established an excellent community where motivated like-minded people may learn and excel beyond what they thought possible.

Everything we do at Driven is universally adaptable to all fitness levels and fitness goals. We have a wide range of members from Grandparents to Elite Athletes and everything in between.

Check out our Reviews tab as Driven is very proud of what our members are saying.

Driven Reopening Procedures:

- Upon entering the gym please use the hand sanitizing station

- Social distancing of 2 metres must be maintained during your visit

- Washrooms & Change rooms can be used, however please keep your belongings to a minimum and ensure you use the soap supplied at the sink

- Everyone will be given a number upon entering the workout space and this number will coordinate with a personalized workout space indicated with markings on the floor. All of the equipment you need for the class will be in this space and will be sanitized. Before exiting the space you will use the supplied sanitizing wipes to disinfect your equipment

- Upon leaving please use the hand sanitizing station.

- To comply with the district health unit recommendations, please use your mask upon entering Driven and until you are in your workout space.

We are so excited to see everyone. We will strive to ensure that we offer a safe and empowering space for all of our members.


- Coach Alex & Jo and the Driven Team

TODAY'S WOD | Wednesday, October 28th, 2020


Post WOD 6 Pack Attack!
Medicine Ball Flutter Kicks + Scissor Kicks
5 reps of each
Rest as needed
10 Rds


Row 1km
Skips x100
Pullups x10
Rest as Needed
3 Rds
Row, Ski or Bike - 3 mins

Nods & Turns
Down Dog to Spiderman
Crab Switches with Reach
90/90 Complex

Banded Pallof Press - 3 levels x3/side
Banded Pull-Aparts - 3 ways x6
2 Rds

Butterfly Forward Fold

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    Gerard Moreau

  • " My first time there I was amazed at how many people greeted me and introduced themselves. I felt very comfortable. Those that didn't introduce themselves to me had to do ten burpies. They knew who I w... "

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    Jamie Schaack

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