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Driven is your place for fitness in the Midland/Penetang area!

We are a 5000 sq ft facility that promotes a well rounded individual and creates this opportunity by having qualified, experienced staff and a facility with all the essential training tools. We have established an excellent community where motivated like-minded people may learn and excel beyond what they thought possible.

Everything we do at Driven is universally adaptable to all fitness levels and fitness goals. We have a wide range of members from Grandparents to Elite Athletes and everything in between.

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To our valued members:

Driven - Huronia CrossFit will be temporarily closed as of Mon March 16th @1pm for an undetermined amount of time. We will continue to reassess and keep all members updated in regards to our regular schedule commencing.

We should all do our part in minimizing the impact that COVID 19 may have spreading and to our health care professionals and facilities.

This is a difficult decision to make as we do not want to take away any training opportunities, however at this stage of the virus it would be irresponsible to remain open.

This is the right precautionary call to make to allow us to continue to serve our community and provide the best training opportunities.

There have been no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus from any of our members, however we will take all measures such as continued cleansing of our facility to ensure this.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation. We will continue to keep safety and members best interest as our priority.

As you may know small businesses like ours aren't equipped to handle closures like this and we promise to do the best we can to continue to give our members value at this time via online training, coaching and support.


- Coach Alex & Jo and the Driven Team

TODAY'S WOD | Thursday, July 9th, 2020


EMOM 9 mins
Banded Leg Ext. in Tabletop x12/leg
Banded Wood Chop x8/side
Side Bend Crunch x8/side


FGB Style:
Banded Deadlift
Step Ups
Banded Good Mornings
1 min per station for total reps
3 Rds
90/90 Complex
Squat Routine 2.0
Samson with Banded Pass Thru
Bird Dogs & Dead Bugs


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