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TODAY'S WOD | Monday, November 11th, 2019


Neck Exercises
1. Quadruped T-Spine Rotations x8
2. T Spine CARS x6
3. Foam Roller Ext.
4. Prone Y's x10

3 Rounds


18 min AMRAP
11x H.P. Snatches (75/55)
11x Burpees
11x Thrusters (75/55)
11x Pull ups
Rest with a minute of silence @ 11-12min mark
3min Row, Ski, Bike
Army Crawl (Blue Mats)
Tin Soliders 
Military Press (Bottoms Up KB)

Cat / Cow
Down Dog / Seal Flow
Bird Dogs
Glute Bridges
Warrior's Pose Flow

Supine Twisted Cross
Child's Pose with Thread Needle

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  • " I have had the privilege and pleasure of training at Driven for well over 5 years now. I am in both of the MMA and CrossFit programs, giving me the best of both worlds, strengthening my body, mind and... "

    5 Stars
    Chelsey Sara

  • " Joining Driven has changed my life. It's not that I will ever be an elite athlete, and that's okay, because everyone is encouraged to work at and to their level. I have been physically active all my l... "

    5 Stars
    April Hawke

  • " My first time there I was amazed at how many people greeted me and introduced themselves. I felt very comfortable. Those that didn't introduce themselves to me had to do ten burpies. They knew who I w... "

    5 Stars
    Jamie Schaack

  • " I have been to a number of Crossfit gyms in the passed 3 years and Driven is the most community based of them all! Everyone is so friendly! The WODs are challenging, and the coaching is awesome! Don't... "

    5 Stars

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