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"Members since February, 2011, my daughter in the Jiu Jitsu program and I as a Crossfitter, we can honestly refer to Driven as our "second home". We've been given a great opportunity to enrich our lives, physically and cognitively, under the guidance of some very awesome and knowledgeable trainers/competitors in one of the most welcoming and encouraging environments you could ever hope to find. 
And, as an added bonus, we've made a lot of friends along the way. Win. Win. WIN!"
5 Stars
Kelly & Robyn Donaldson
"My husband and I have been at Driven for over 5 years now and my son also takes part in the Fit Kids classes, its a family environment that my whole family enjoys. From the moment I walked in that door for a trial class I was hooked and I joined that day and have never looked back. The members are my family, the atmosphere is so positive and energetic, the coaches support you no matter what your goals are they are there for you 100%. Driven- Huronia Crossfit has changed my life, it has given me strength mentally and physically which has helped me incorporate that strength in everyday life!"
5 Stars
Michelle Beauchamp
"A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step". If you are thinking of joining Cross Fit, just step through the Driven door, you will wonder why you did not do it sooner. I did! The positive energy along with physical and mental gains will keep you coming back for more."
5 Stars
Kelly Graham
"Best decision I ever made was walking in the door of Driven- Huronia Crossfit. Great trainers, atmosphere and an amazing community."
5 Stars
"What do I think of Driven-Huronia Crossfit ? Well I let me tell you what I think, I think that it's hands down the best box/(gym/ fitness center what ever you want to call it) in Ontario, you'll get the best of everything and the staff and people ( I call them my Crossfit family) are amazing and you won't regret going I can guarantee it."
5 Stars
Ryan Beatty
"I was a Driven member from March 2012 - August 2012, but had to make the bitter sweet decision of staying and working in the Midland area or accepting a job in the Alberta oil sands. Unfortunately money is a powerful thing and I decided to work out west. In the 6 months I was at driven, I was absolutely amazed at the results. Weight loss, strength and definition were totally noticeable, but the one thing that you gain, which you wouldn't realize, if you didn't do crossfit, is mental strength. Just when you think you can't do one more rep, run 50 more feet or do one more pull up, you get this adrinaline rush and you pull through. It's absolutely amazing. No matter of your fitness experience, crossfit is for everyone. Thank you to all the trainers and members for opening my eyes to this incredible fitness experience. I miss you all and hope to get my WOD on with you guys and gals in the future."
5 Stars
Dean Werner
"Driven is what I look forward to after work each day. The members are very friendly and supportive and encouraging .  The coaches are amazing and have done so much for me and have continued to challenge me day in and day out . I believe that if I can do Crossfit by modifying and making things work then so can you . Just give Driven a try and I promise you will be hooked . "
5 Stars
Paula Irish
"My journey began almost 4 years ago. I hadn't even heard of CrossFit. Each week as I brought my kids to jiu jitsu, I saw a group of people doing...well, some things that I had never done before. I was intrigued. Finally, after about a month, I had the nerve to ask Joanne if "I could try that." "Of course!" My free trial done and I was hooked! It was the hardest thing that I had done physically outside of giving birth, but I did it! And I just kept doing it...Thank you, Joanne and Alex, for believing in each other and for believing in all of us. There is no place like Driven anywhere else."
5 Stars
Tiffany Côté
"From "world class athletes" to the "first time out" everyone is treated like champions! simply decision I have ever made to join!"
5 Stars
Alison Blackhurst
"Driven - Not even close to being an average gym. It's an extended family that helps Drive your individual fitness needs."
5 Stars
Michael Carpenter
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