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"Driven - Not even close to being an average gym. It's an extended family that helps Drive your individual fitness needs."
5 Stars
Michael Carpenter
"My husband and I have been at Driven for over 5 years now and my son also takes part in the Fit Kids classes, its a family environment that my whole family enjoys. From the moment I walked in that door for a trial class I was hooked and I joined that day and have never looked back. The members are my family, the atmosphere is so positive and energetic, the coaches support you no matter what your goals are they are there for you 100%. Driven- Huronia Crossfit has changed my life, it has given me strength mentally and physically which has helped me incorporate that strength in everyday life!"
5 Stars
Michelle Beauchamp
"No matter what, no matter who you are, you achieve, you feel success, and definitely feel worthy of yourself. The best fitness atmosphere I've experienced. Such a great movement, and even greater people. Huronia Crossfit, a Driven family."
5 Stars
Gerard Moreau
"Becoming a part of Huronia Crossfit is the best decision I've made. The atmosphere is very welcoming and accommodating. Every workout  can be modified to fit any fitness level! So thankful for all the friends I've made over the past year. "
5 Stars
"My journey began almost 4 years ago. I hadn't even heard of CrossFit. Each week as I brought my kids to jiu jitsu, I saw a group of people doing...well, some things that I had never done before. I was intrigued. Finally, after about a month, I had the nerve to ask Joanne if "I could try that." "Of course!" My free trial done and I was hooked! It was the hardest thing that I had done physically outside of giving birth, but I did it! And I just kept doing it...Thank you, Joanne and Alex, for believing in each other and for believing in all of us. There is no place like Driven anywhere else."
5 Stars
Tiffany Côté
"Joining Driven has changed my life. It's not that I will ever be an elite athlete, and that's okay, because everyone is encouraged to work at and to their level. I have been physically active all my life and been part of many gyms.........none match the atmosphere at Driven. All are welcome no matter what. Come see for yourself!  I guarantee you won't regret one moment. "
5 Stars
April Hawke
"What an unbelievable atmosphere. It doesn't matter if you are just learning or you are a pro, Driven athletics treats you like you belong there. Great job Alex and Jo. Can't wait for the next WOD."
5 Stars
John Hawke
"I used to play hockey and I never liked the practices, I only liked the games. Now I realized that it was because I was never in love with what I was doing. When I lost interest in that I felt like I lost myself. I didn't know what to do with myself and my spare time, that spare time became unhealthy for me. Louise and Rebecca introduced me to CrossFit a year ago and I've learned to love the practices just as much as the games, mentally I'm much stronger and physically I'm much stronger too! I feel much more confident in myself and I believe that the family of trainers and any customer no matter how new to Driven is something you will not be able to find anywhere else. Even though I WOD at a different affiliate now i still feel connected with everyone at Driven. My advice for any new clients are just do it and i give you my 100% promise that you will become hooked and love it!"
5 Stars
Evan Blundell
"Driven has become my second home. From the coaches to the members, it is all for one and one for all. Whether you are an experienced crossfitter or you've never even heard of a WOD, there is a place for you at Driven. Everyone goes above and beyond to get to know each new member. The coaches are constantly going above and beyond any gym I've ever been to. It's incredible to be a part of something so inclusive. I cannot say enough about my Crossfit home. Give it a shot and I promise you won't regret it! "
5 Stars
"I've been part of the Driven Family for almost two years and I love every minute. Great coaches, fellow athletes and atmosphere. Everyone is there to support one another, no matter what your skill level. Join today, you won't regret it!"
5 Stars
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