CrossFit Real Training = Real Results

Huronia CrossFit develops individuals, athletes and teams and encourages them to reach high levels of fitness through constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. Our training method produces tangible results for all levels of fitness and goals.

The same workout regimen is used for the 72 year old grandmother as is for the 17 year old AAA hockey player and everyone in between. How it works is that everything is modified to the individualís abilities and goals, challenging them yet making them feel success.

Huronia CrossFit's program combines a variety of training methods such as running, rowing, jumping, gymnastics, weightlifting, strongman lifts and so much more.

Every day at Huronia CrossFit is different and every class is conducted by a Certified CrossFit Instructor. The class commences with a warm-up, mobility followed by skill technique, the Workout Of the Day (WOD) and finishes cool-down and flexibility.

At Huronia CrossFit, we train hard and every day people are doing amazing things. This intense training creates strong bonds among the members that form the CrossFit Community. We sweat together, we expose our weaknesses and sometimes we even cry, but we get stronger, faster, fitter, we stand taller and we do it all together.

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Jiu Jits / MMA
Kids Jiu Jitsu

TODAY'S WOD | Tuesday, November 13th, 2018


8x Hip Extension
10x Hanging Knee ups (with Med Ball)
10x Side Lying Leg Raises (with Band)


Row cals (12/9)
15x Russian KB Swing (24/20)

12 Rounds
1 partner completes row and swings, then next partner.
3 mins Row, Ski, Bike 
10x Twisting Lunges

Bird Dogs
Banded V sits

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
Sphynx, Seal
Driven Jiu Jitsu Retreat Yoga and Wellness